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Markeurs is the future of your marketing strategy which lies in our innovative outsourcing approach. This is the possibility for VSEs, SMEs and ETIs to have access, in the same way as large groups, to a complete marketing service. Entrusting outsourcing to freelancers, experts in digital marketing, constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, ensures that your strategy and projects will be executed with surgical precision. Markeurs' model reduces costs traditionally associated with hiring, while ensuring cutting-edge expertise without compromising your budget

Redefining the marketing department

MARKEURS emerged in January 2023 under the leadership of Camille Poisson, a marketing and communications professional who became a freelancer.


During her missions, the observation was the same: the demand for specific skills, the need for increased flexibility within companies and the unavailability of expert profiles led her to think about an agency model. MARKEURS stands out as a freelance agency specializing in digital marketing, offering an innovative solution to a traditional service delivery market in search of renewal.

Bringing together independent marketing and communications talents, MARKEURS represents a bold alternative to traditional models. This collective, made up of expert, talented and ambitious individuals, embodies the future of work by offering a relevant response to a competitive market.


Team creation is done by carefully selecting among certified freelancers the profiles that best match the specific needs of clients. The objective is to establish a true “match” between the required expertise and personalities, thus promoting the success of projects and the achievement of set objectives.


On a daily basis, MARKEURS embodies an innovative and collaborative approach to meet the changing needs of companies in a constantly changing professional world.



I created MARKEURS to meet a constant demand: businesses looking for a flexible, versatile and affordable marketing solution. To give all companies, even the most modest, the opportunity to benefit from a team of experts without the constraints of recruitment.

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