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Are you a company manager, marketing manager or communications director? Are you convinced that digital is an essential growth engine for your company?

You may lack the time or internal skills to fully exploit this lever and effectively manage your digitalization or acquisition strategy.

Marketing outsourcing, also called marketing outsourcing, offers the possibility of calling on an experienced external partner and entrusting them with all or part of the marketing and communication function of your company.

By adopting this approach, MARKEURS allows you to take advantage of an efficient organization and cutting-edge digital expertise. We provide you with a dedicated marketing/digital communications manager, supported by a complete set of skills, to meet your one-off or permanent needs such as digital transformation, CRM integration, digital strategy, website creation , web marketing, digitalization of customer relations, content writing, as well as management of online communities.

When you call on a freelancer, you benefit from all the power of the MARKEURS community on which they can rely.


3 intervention modes


Meet your communication and digital marketing needs in a timely and timely manner.on demand, without predetermined frequency constraints.

Two methods to use this time credit:

  • ask an expert for questions, opinions, advice or requests for services

  • receive suggestions for actions based on our monitoring and your information shared via a collaborative platform, then approve the implementation of these recommendations.


This collaboration is characterized by its flexibility: you only pay for what you consume, to meet your needs with ease.

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Meet your communication and digital marketing needs continuously, according to a defined frequency (1, 2, 3... days/week), without supporting the costs of creating or strengthening an internal marketing department.

Together, we create your dedicated, tailor-made marketing team without requiring a full-time resource.


Opt for the excellence of aMarketing manager, a Community manager or even a Graphic Designer timeshare thanks to our ex formula

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Do you have a communication and digital marketing project requiring rigorous management to achieve your objectives and meet set deadlines?

Are you looking for a single expert to take on this project?

We take charge of the entire delivery of the service and manage your project in two ways:

  • in collaboration with your internal resources

  • by using the cutting-edge skills of our network of freelancers


In both scenarios, a single point of contact will be your main point of contact, and our methodical approach guarantees the success of your project in all circumstances.

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